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Filter bacteria humidifying oxygen pipe

Application: It is used for direct transfer of oxygen or humidified oxygen between oxygen source and oxygen inhaler.

■Models: BT-SHP-100、BT-SHP-150、BT-SHP-200、BT-SHP-250 (can be with corresponding nasal tube or oxygen mask according to the needs of clinical use).

★The humidification bottle, the humidification liquid and the oxygen absorption tube are integrated design, and the oxygen absorption process is sealed and sterile throughout the whole process, and the use is convenient and quick.
★The 0.22um precision filter can effectively remove the bacteria and dust in oxygen supply pipe, oxygen flow meter and each interface, which ensures the sterility of oxygen entering into the humidification fluid.
★The oxygen inhalation device is sterilized and the humidification fluid is sterile,non-toxic and without impurities.
★Micropore air bubble generator maximizes the contact area of oxygen with humidification fluid (makes oxygen humidity can reach above 80%), which avoid dryness of the respiratory tract, make it easier for patients to discharge sputum and let patients fell more comfortable during oxygen inhalation.
★The check valve opens only when oxygen is inhaled, and the oxygen can be only delivered to the patient end, which can effectively prevent the air in the ward from entering the humidification fluid through the reverse flow of the oxygen tube to contaminate the humidification fluid.
★Single use, to avoid across infection caused by incomplete disinfection.
■Sterilization method: the oxygen device is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas and the humidification fluid is sterilized by ozone.
■Shelf life: 2 years.
■Packing: 25 bottles per carton.
■Storage condition:Room Temperature:5℃~35℃; Room humidity: no more than 80%
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  • Filter bacteria humidifying oxygen pipe
    Filter bacteria humidifying oxygen pipe
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